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FAIRFAX, VA (WUSA) From fiction to poetry, parenting to politics and cooking to historical biography, there's an author for you at Fall for the Book, George Mason's annual festival of writers from across the literary spectrum.

Participants will lead discussions, take questions from readers and sign their work.

Most events are free and open to the public. The event begins Sunday, September 19th and runs through September 24th.

Caring For Parent With Dementia Without Losing Your Mind

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) - "When mom was more active she ran away a lot," said Jerome Menefee, who cares for his 86 year old mother, Teddy. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease 13 years ago. She barely speaks now and can do nothing for herself. Her son bathes her and changes her.

"She wears depends. I have gloves and wipes," Menefee explains.

He also puts in a bed with railings so she can't fall or climb out at night. For years now, it's been like taking care of an infant.

"Sometimes, I could only sleep a few hours at night because she could not sleep," he says.

And then there were the escapes.

"This window in the back use to be here room. She climb out and fell on the bricks below and shattered her right ankle," he said.

Bluemont Hosts Its 41st Annual Country Fair This Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday, September 18-19, the Bluemont Cititzens Association invites "neighbors" from surrounding communities to join them for a country fair. The fair, a tradition of 41 years, is held in the center of Bluemont, a quaint and delightful village in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

The fair offers more than thirty types of attractions and is sure to please everyone in your family. You'll find juried crafters and live demonstrations of historic crafts. Ladies from towns all around will bring home-baked goods to please your palate, and there are even pie and pickle—yes, I said pickle—making contests. There is an abundance of live music, and your children will also be entertained with games and fun especially for them.

Regional SWAT Competition in Chantilly

The 4th Annual Regional SWAT Competition is this Friday, September 17. You’re invited to watch 18 police agencies compete in a series of events that will test their strength, readiness and capabilities. Come out on Friday and learn about SWAT and watch them compete in a handgun challenge, urban sniper and obstacle course and find out how they do it all. The event will be held at the Fairfax County Firearms Range at 3721 Stonecroft Boulevard in Chantilly, VA.

Virginia Democrat Opposes Plan To Raise Taxes On Wealthy

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) - When the President came to a Fairfax neighborhood this week, he chose a place where a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans may not go over well.

"I'm not sure if I'm in favor of it," said Katie Hesford.

Republican Chris McCloskey who wore an anti-Obama t-shirt said, "I want to see the Bush era tax cuts extended."

The average annual household income in Fairfax County is over $100,000. And though couples pulling in $250,000 or more may not consider themselves wealthy in this high-cost-of-living region, they are. And they'd pay more taxes if the President has his way. But the President won't have Democrat Congressman Gerry Connolly's vote.

"Now is not the time to be raising taxes on any income group," said Connolly.

Rep. Connolly says raising taxes on the wealthy could hurt the economy, which is what the republicans have been arguing.

Cox's Farm Opening Weekend

Need something fun to do outside this weekend? Cox's Farm has it all to get you excited for Fall. Their Opening Weekend is this weekend, the 18-19th. From the zoo animals to numerous slides and hay rides and mazes, it's the place to be when the weather is great.

Cox's Farm gets extremely busy very early, so if you want to avoid waiting in line for rides or feeling like you're at a high time amusment park on a Saturday, then get there well before the place opens. There are two rides that are by far the best ones there. One is on the far left back corner of the farm. It's their biggest slide and gets the most attraction. The next one is when you walk in it'll be to the left. You have to go through a "barn" to get to the top. It's a short slide, but it's got a sidewinder feel to it.

A Parent and Caregiver Forum on Teen Abuse of Prescription Medications

This story was sent to us by FCPS Outreach:

Do you know what’s in your medicine cabinet? Many teens do. Every day, on average, 2,500 teens abuse prescription drugs to get high for the first time. To educate parents and caregivers on the dangers of prescription drug abuse, Joseph Rannazzisi, a pharmacist, lawyer, Special Agent, and Deputy Assistant Administrator with the Drug Enforcement Administration, will present the current trends of prescription drug abuse affecting our nation’s youth.

The Forum will take place on Wednesday, September 29, 2010, at 7:30 p.m., at George Mason University’s Harris Theatre on the Fairfax campus. This Forum is a free event and no registration is needed.