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2010 Holiday Gift Ideas - All Under $30 | Business

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2010 Holiday Gift Ideas - All Under $30

It's time for holiday shopping, but don't stress because I did a little work for you already. Here are some holiday gift ideas for the whole family and they are all under $30! Most of these purchases can be made without even going into an actual store. That's right, you can buy these gifts from the mall carts in Tyson's Corner. I know you can usually find some pretty abstract items from mall carts, such as smokeless cigarettes or several versions of eyebrow threading, but today in Tyson's Corner I came across a few fabulous gift ideas. 

-For the little ones: Stuffed animal pillows. Who wouldn't love one of these? They might not just be for the little ones. These pillows come in pretty much animal (pigs, lady bugs, frogs..you name it!) and are $16.99 for the smallest, $21.99 for the medium sized one, and $24.99 for the largest one.

-For him: Boxing-set. GNC is offering an all in one boxing-set; this would be a fun, inexpensive way to stay fit after the holidays. I thought this would be a fun gift idea for both genders, but it looks like it was advertised a little bit more for males. $29.99 for the set.

-For her: Pashminas. This would be a perfect inexpensive and practical gift for the winter months. At this cart you can get two plain colored pashminas for $20...that's two gifts right there. For the patterned pashminas, you pay $14.99. 

-For friends or co-workers: Lotions and potions. Bath and body works has a cart in the mall near the Macy's. They already put together a few gift bundles, so you don't have to deal with the hassle of entering the store. There are a few different 5 items for $5 dollar deals available. 

Finally, Hallmark is offering some deals on holiday cards. If you buy a package of cards, you get a second one for 50% off. Now you have your gifts done, your cards ready, so now all you need to buy is your postage. Happy holiday shopping! 


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