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Coming Soon: Pilot Program for Online Textbooks | News

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Coming Soon: Pilot Program for Online Textbooks
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Some Fairfax County public schools will be participating in a new pilot program this fall giving students access to online textbooks. The pilot program will involve social studies courses at six different middle schools and six different high schools. Students in these classes will receive netbooks, which are smaller, lighter versions of laptops.

The schools that will be participating in the pilot program have not been selected yet, nor have the number of netbooks. The schools that are participating in the program will not incur any additional costs, and the school system has not yet estimated the total cost of the program. However, once implemented, the use of online textbooks is expected to save schools money in the long run because printed books are more costly than online books.

The goal of the pilot program is to work out any kinks in the system, such as potential distraction or usage issues with students using the Internet for social networking sites such as Facebook. Another concern with the program is that it could have a negative impact for students with learning disabilities.

News, Schools

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