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Every Successful Brand Calls for an Eclectic Team that Rocks | Business

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Every Successful Brand Calls for an Eclectic Team that Rocks
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Every Successful Brand Calls for an Eclectic Team that Rocks

ToyMakerz, a hit television show and successful company, shares what makes their brand stand out

Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Behind every successful brand in the world there is team that works together to make things happen. At ToyMakerz, it’s no different. The brand has had tremendous success in the marketplace, making high-end custom racing machines for adults, including motorcycles, cars, and trucks, and in sharing what they do in front of an audience on their hit television show. While the brand stands out, it’s those behind the scenes who work together to make it happen.

“There are two crucial things that have to be there for ToyMakerz to be a popular brand,” says Dave Ankin, inventor and star of the hit show ToyMakerz. “First, we need a segment of adults who love the custom-built fast racing vehicles, and we have that. Second, we have to have a team that can come together to pull off miracles, and from the success we have, I can say we have an amazing team.”

Many adults are drawn to the grown-up custom toys made by ToyMakerz. It’s hard for many to resist a custom-built race car, truck, or motorcycle made for adults. Their inner child gets a chance at reliving their youth, as well as having some adult fun. In a time when people are busier than ever, being able to focus on having some fun and enjoying down time is becoming a goal of many. The types of exotic, rare toys of the vehicular variety that are made by ToyMakerz gives people a chance to have fun, and provides an exciting way to spend some time. Ankin’s one-of-a-kind racing machines have been popular with everyone from adrenaline junkies to collectors, with people being drawn to the vehicles for various reasons.

ToyMakerz was founded by David Ankin, who has brought his unique creations to life to share with the world. Ankin is a former stuntman who used to do stunts with motorcycles, racecars, and also at Six Flags for their Batman show and Universal for their Water World and Wild West shows. Watching his father use metal to build things when he was growing up inspired him to go on to do the same. Today, he has earned praise for the eccentric one-of-kind racing machines that he’s built.

What do you get when you take Ankin and bring together a team that includes a veteran, a car expert, a master welder, a video game master, a painter, and those who know business and manufacturing? You get a successful brand that is unstoppable, even going on to have a hit show, allowing millions to tune in and be a part of it all. The team that comes together to help Ankin with his toy making dreams include:

  • Jason Hensley, who is a Dodge and NASCAR expert with decades of experience building race cars and designing parts.
  • Ashley Robertson, who as the chief assistant, keeps Ankin on task and on schedule, and is often found getting her hands dirty in the shop.
  • Boe Wood, the master welder, is called upon to weld together the guts of the most intense builds by ToyMakerz.
  • Dave Young, a US Coast Guard veteran, is considered the business mastermind behind the brand, and who is Ankin’s partner in the venture.
  • Lauren Allen, who manages the marketing and inventory, and travels with the brand’s motorsports events.
  • Brayden Ankin, an aspiring drag racer and video game master, is considered ToyMaker 2.0, often lending his hands to help his dad and the team.
  • Billy Leavy, who heads up the SuperWheelz division of the company and oversees the manufacturing of their ridiculously fun drift trikes.
  • Charles Joyner is the brand’s go-to painter for most projects.
  • Eric Harryman, who is the series producer and creator, is the CEO of the Los Angeles-based production company Lucky13Cinematic.

“The people who make up the ToyMakerz team are what make us a success,” added Ankin. “Every one of the people on the team come together to combine teamwork, intelligence, and ingenuity in order to help make us a household name.”

ToyMakerz is helping fans to feel they are more a part of the brand’s team through their new app. ToyMakerz partnered with Source Digital to develop the app, which unlocks the ToyMakerz garage to enhance viewer experience with new digital brand integrations. Available now on iTunes, the ToyMakerz app lets fans interact with the cast, score exclusive deals on anything they see on the screen while they are watching the show live, share pictures of their own rides, and watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

The second season of ToyMakerz will feature eight parts that are one hour each, and airs Friday’s on Velocity at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST. For more information about ToyMakerz, visit the site at: http://toymakerz.com.

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