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Kadoo | A Local Company Takes on the Big Boys in Cloud | Business

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Kadoo | A Local Company Takes on the Big Boys in Cloud
Kadoo | A Local Company Takes on the Big Boys in Cloud

Exclusive interview with Kurt Baumann and Donna Hemmert, owners of Kadoo in Great Falls. To read the full article, visit Modern DC Business Magazine's website.

Your company’s name is Kadoo. How did you come up with it? Is there a meaning or a story behind it?

 We actually acquired Kadoo with its name in place. But, we really loved the name. And, apparently, it means “community” in Chinese, which we really like.

What is the main business of your company?
Kadoo is your private video cloud. Kadoo allows you to privately share or publicly publish your videos and other files anywhere, including smart phones, TV and social networking sites such as Facebook. Imagine capturing an HD video on your mobile phone and minutes later sharing it privately or publicly to friends on almost any device, TV or tablet.

Why is privacy in the cloud an important topic to you?

Privacy is a main tenant on which the Internet was built. We should not have to sacrifice our privacy to participate in this medium, although that’s what many of the big players make you do. Ownership and control of your personal information should be a fundamental right.

Is this your first company? How many others have you started? How did they fare?

Our whole team has participated in many successful startups. Kurt has started five, all of which had successful exits.

How did the Kadoo team come together?
We’ve all worked together in the past in certain configurations, and all felt passionate about what Kadoo is doing. This is the first time we’ve all been together as team. We have similar values, enjoy the same kind of work environment (outrageous fun and hard work), and we believe this is the right team to get it done.

What are the challenges of working out of your house?
We have all the normal challenges with the division of work and family life, but perhaps sometimes those lines are blurred even more. We determined to go without office space to run as leanly as possible, and it’s the right choice for now. For better or worse, the team meetings do stir up a lot of creative energy and chaos, which means that we have less down time in our home than other people.

Do you discuss business 24/7? What is the effect of it to your marriage?
No, because we have commitment to create as much balance as possible in our lives. We established grounds rules for how to manage our time. Sometimes, however, we do have to remind each other that it’s time to put work away.

Is the Metro DC area a good place to start a cutting edge technology business?
That’s a very interesting question. If you’re a cutting edge technology business serving the federal government then it is hot. Consumer technology faces a greater challenge. There’s less of a support structure and expertise for high tech consumer startups in the Mid Atlantic region than there is in the Silicon Valley This area experienced a setback when the bubble burst in 2000. It seems that recently, however, there’s been more activity for consumer-technologies in the Metro DC area. For example, people are showing a lot of interest in what we’re doing.

Where do you see Metro DC business environment go over the next 5 years?
Government-supporting technologies will continue to thrive. For the Internet, we are optimistically rooting for steady growth. 


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