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Tips for Effective Written Business Communication | Business

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Tips for Effective Written Business Communication
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Tips for Effective Written Business Communication

Every day, businesses across America engage in a variety of written forms of communication. From presentations to letters, and everything in between, there is a continuous need for effective business communication. The more a business understands what it takes to get their message across effectively, the more professional they will appear. Plus, their message is more likely to help them reach their intended goals.

“Whether working on oral or written business communication, it is important to do what you can to get it right and keep it professional,” explains Dr. Lloyd Gibson, dean of the School of Business at Stratford University (www.stratford.edu). “Successful business transactions rely upon written communications being effective. This is true in both formal and informal business communication.”

Here are some tips to keep in mind for effective written business communication:

  • Think before you ink. It is always best to take a little time to think through what you need to write, especially if you are upset or angry. Consider such things as what your message is and how best to convey it. Often, businesses have existing templates, making the process quicker and easier. In that case, only key elements would need to be added.
  • Know your audience. Before creating anything, it is important to first identify your intended audience. Once that is established, it will provide more insight as to the best course of communication to take. Not all communication styles fit all instances. Aim for the style that matches the audience.
  • Watch the language. Avoid writing business communication that uses industry jargon, and strive to be concise. Be sure to keep jargon out if the communication is addressing those outside the field, and review the communication to ensure that your message is clear and to the point.
  • Consider length. We live in busy times today, and people try to do many things at once. It is important to keep the message as brief as possible, without sacrificing important information. If it is unnecessarily long, it may be ignored. Aim for just long enough to get the message across.
  • Look it over. Sending out written communication that is riddled with errors, whether they are grammar, style, spelling, or factual, can come across as unprofessional and embarrassing. Always take the time to proofread written communications to ensure accuracy. And don’t rely upon the spell checker, as it can miss important things.
  • Feedback counts. People often have feedback, comments or questions after reading something. Because of this, it is important to provide a venue for feedback or questions, by including some form of contact information.

“Having effective business communication is a skill that people can learn,” added Dr. Lloyd. “With practice and patience, paying attention to the details, everyone can master written business communication, which is essential to business success.”

Stratford University offers 31 degrees, covering the fields of culinary and hospitality management, business, accounting, information technology, health sciences, and nursing. Associates, bachelors and masters degrees are all offered. Many programs are offered completely online.

About Stratford University:

Stratford University operates campuses in Tysons Corner, Richmond, and Woodbridge. It offers 31 undergraduate and graduate degrees in the areas of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Health Sciences, Business Administration, and Information Technology. The degree programs are offered both on campus, as well as online. For more information on the competition or Stratford University, please visit www.stratford.edu.



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