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Vegetables in Vending Machines? You Bet! | Business

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Vegetables in Vending Machines? You Bet!
Vegetables in Vending Machines? You Bet!

While it may seem odd at first to find vegetables in vending machines, the country is about to see this not only become a trend, but find out it’s here to stay! This food revolution comes as a result of the vending machine make-over by a San Diego-based company that has franchises stretching from one end of the country to the other.

"People have had enough of all the unhealthy food options. They really want something more nutritious, today,” explains Jolly Backer, the chief executive officer of Fresh Healthy Vending (www.freshvending.com). “Until now, getting something healthier might not have included convenience, which is something else that people want. So we have paired the two in a perfect combination.”

Forget the high-fat cookies, crackers, candy and chips. The new vending machines by Fresh Healthy Vending are chock-full of healthy, nutritious and delicious foods, which people can eat on the go. These vending machines are popping up in places where people go to school, work and play, giving people a healthy option at every turn.

What people will find inside each vending machine varies, but they will be stocked with healthy food options from over 500 well-recognized brand names. Items will include healthy drinks, such as protein drinks, teas, energy drinks, 100-percent fruit juices, soymilk, and more. Healthy snack options include soy pudding, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein and granola bars, yogurt and baked crackers and chips.

The new vending machines not only look brighter and fresher, but the healthy foods they are stocked with demonstrate the revolution that this industry is undergoing. They are also equipped to offer a cashless payment option for on-the-go customers. The vending machines have been quickly gaining in popularity, as franchisors jump on the lucrative and fresh new idea in business.

“We aim to have machines across the country, so that everyone has access to fresh, healthy snacks and drinks on the go,” adds Backer. “Our company just started a year ago, and the response has been amazing! People love the healthy options in our machines.”

About Fresh Healthy Vending

Based in San Diego, Fresh Healthy Vending is a company that started in 2010 and is revolutionizing vending machines by filling them with healthy, natural food options. Dubbed the “future of vending,” they are leading the way in healthy food vending. Their machines offer 100-percent juices, fresh vegetables, fruits, smoothies, and yogurts. The Fresh Healthy Vending machines are franchised and are being placed in schools, offices and other locations throughout the country. To learn more about Fresh Healthy Vending, visit the website at www.freshvending.com.


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