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Military Vets Can Heal Wounds Faster with New Dressing Technology | Health

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Military Vets Can Heal Wounds Faster with New Dressing Technology
Military Vets Can Heal Wounds Faster with New Dressing Technology

Military veterans may well get more wounds, than the average population due to that fact that, according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, around 25 percent of military veteran patients have diabetes. This is compared to around 8 percent of the adult population as a whole. Diabetes, according to the National Institutes of Health, compromises skin integrity, making people more susceptible to getting wounds. The good news is that a new product has been developed to help them heal successfully and quickly from wounds.

“Wounds may not be able to always be prevented, but at least we can take measures to successfully address them, prevent their further deterioration and make them progress towards healing,” explains Dr. Oleg Siniaguine, inventor and founder of OSNovative Systems, Inc., the company that has created the Enluxtra wound dressing. “We have created Enluxtra to address the needs of wounds so that it can provide a quick, safe, and effective route to healing.”

Enluxtra is a new product that has been designed to automatically optimize the healing process in wounds. This is an entirely new class of wound dressings – feedback-driven self-adaptive wound dressing, which means that it adapts its function to the needs of the wound based on feedback received from the wound. It can sense whether it is too moist or too dry, and can adapt accordingly to keep the healing process moving forward by creating the optimal moisture balance.

In addition to reducing chances of infection development and preventing bacteria growth in the wound, it eliminates odors and helps to eliminate slough from the wound. It also helps to reduce the need for sharp debridement of the wound. Enluxtra wound dressing is covered by Medicare and Medicaid, FDA-cleared, can be used up to 7 days for most wounds, easy to apply and is painless and simple to remove.

“Veterans who are experiencing wounds, whether from diabetes or not, can greatly benefit from Enluxtra,” added Dr. Siniaguine. “It’s a good idea to keep it on hand in the medicine cabinet or first aid kit. It can literally be the difference between safe and effective wound healing and problems that arise from lack of healing.”

Due to its functionally self-adaptive nature, Enluxtra is effective on practically all types of wounds and burns including, lacerations, graft wounds, trauma wounds, post-operative surgical wounds, pressure and venous ulcers, leg ulcers, chemical and radiation burns, among others. It can be now purchased OTC - from Amazon or online at www.AnyWound.com.

Clinics, physicians, and other healthcare professionals can order a free sample package or purchase the product from all major medical suppliers such as McKesson and others.

About Enluxtra

Created by Dr. Oleg Siniaguine, a researcher and inventor with over 100 patents, self-adaptive wound dressing is a revolutionary invention that is redefining the wound care industry. The dressing is highly effective practically on any wound. It is produced by OSNovative Systems, Inc., a privately held company that specializes in products used in advanced care management, combat/emergency medicine, and cosmetic skin care. For more information on Enluxtra, visit the Website at: www.AnyWound.com.


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