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New Baby Nail Clipper Aims to Make Trimming Easier, Safer for Parents | Health

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New Baby Nail Clipper Aims to Make Trimming Easier, Safer for Parents
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New Baby Nail Clipper Aims to Make Trimming Easier, Safer for Parents

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the average fingernail grows about 3.5 millimeters per month. Babies tend to have nails that seem to grow even faster and if they are not trimmed regularly babies can accidentally scratch their face and eyes. Yet trimming baby’s nails is a challenge for many parents because of the risk of cutting their skin. Now there’s a safety nail clipper designed to eliminate the possibility of cutting baby’s skin.

“We are excited to bring Baby Comfy Nail to the market - a reinvention of the baby nail clipper,” says Peter Champe, owner of Baby Comfy Care. “This nail clipper introduces a completely unique clipper design that protects baby’s skin from getting clipped.”

Most nail clippers for babies are merely smaller versions of adult nail clippers, which actually makes them more difficult for parents to hold and operate. Many parents end up cutting the skin, which is painful for the child and the parent, but worse, can cause infection.  The Baby Comfy Nail safety clipper is revolutionary in that it has only one top blade and a plastic bottom ledge that pushes the skin of baby’s finger tip back out of the way. The clipper is also larger than most clippers so it is easier to operate, giving the parent more control for precise trimming.

“This is the first of its kind out on the market,” added Champe. “Parents finally have a safe, comfortable, and precise tool to trim their baby’s nails.  Not just a smaller version of an adult nail clipper. This is a product that should be in every nursery.”

Baby Comfy Nail launches September 1, 2014 on Amazon.com, and www.babycomfycare.com.  Baby Comfy Nail will be available in all major baby retail stores by winter 2014 The safety nail clipper joins their other product, Baby Comfy Nose, a safe and effective nasal aspirator that is available at all Walgreens retail stores nation-wide. For more information on the product or to purchase it, visit the site at: www.babycomfycare.com.

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