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Spa Secrets for Defying Aging Gracefully | Health

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Spa Secrets for Defying Aging Gracefully
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Spa Secrets for Defying Aging Gracefully

Aging may be something that we all do, but it doesn’t mean that we have to look as though we are. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, how wrinkled someone’s skin is depends upon several factors, including their skin tone, history of UV exposure, and their genetics. The good news is that there are things we can do to help defy aging and keep our skin looking great for longer.

“Just because someone is aging doesn’t mean they can’t do so gracefully and beautifully,” explains Tracy Brennan, founder of Kalologie, a chain of high-end spas and the award-winning line of skin care products. “Most people would be surprised at just how many effective options there are today to help defy aging. Spas hold all the secrets to keeping people looking their best, which is why celebrities visit us often.”

One of the biggest spa secrets that can help defy aging is that of the facial. When most people think of a facial they just picture getting their face scrubbed, and they don’t see the real deal of what’s going on and how beneficial it can be. Facials can restore firmness, diminish fine lines, boost radiance, calm puffiness, minimize pores, activate collagen and more. A facial’s mission is to successfully rejuvenate the skin and create a firm, smooth appearance.

All types of skin can benefit from a facial, because spas can tailor the treatment to meet the needs of the individual. Those with dry, dull, sun-damaged, and aging skin can greatly benefit from facials. A facial works by activating the skin cells and repairing the DNA damage, hydrates the cells, and then rejuvenates. There are special effective ingredients in them, including stem cell activators, repair enzymes, and cell energizers.

In addition to spa secrets that help keep your face looking younger, there are some that can be used on your body, too. An option to help those who are seeing signs of aging below the waist is to have a non-invasive butt lift. Today’s butt lifts use the JuVaShape “Butt Lift” technology, which delivers thermal energy to the targeted areas, leaving the butt revitalized. It can help eliminate wrinkles, cellulite, and provide overall body contouring.

Another important spa secret for defying aging is to help people reduce stress. Research has shown that stress speeds up the aging process, so the more people can find ways to de-stress, the more they can help defy aging. In the spa, massage therapy is a great option for helping to reduce stress.

“We are all grateful to get the opportunity to age, but we just want to help people do it gracefully and to feel their best doing it,” states Brentwood Kalologie Spa Franchise Owner Anita Neumann. “Spas truly hold some of the most effective secrets to helping people defy aging. If anyone can help, we can.”

For more information about Kalologie 360 Spas and their skin care line, visit the site at: http://kalologie.com.

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