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What’s Hot in Outdoor Living This Fall
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What’s Hot in Outdoor Living This Fall


As summer winds down and the days begin to cool off, hot new trends in outdoor living for the fall and winter are heating up.  As autumn quickly approaches, the majority of Americans begin to shut down their outdoor living space in preparation for the cooler months. However, there are several minor improvements that can make a big difference in turning your outdoor living space into a lavish retreat that can be enjoyed all year long.

“Many homeowners are interested in utilizing the convenience of their outdoor living space during the colder months. With simple changes, like adding heat and lighting, the colder and darker days of winter no longer have to seem so dreary,” says Bob Dallas, CEO of UltraOutdoors.com, a company specializing in connecting homeowners with manufacturers, contractors and designers to help them create the perfect outdoor living space that can be enjoyed year-round.

Here are 5 easy additions to make your outdoor living space fall and winter-friendly:

·      Space Heater. Top-of-the-line space heaters are a safe, easy way to keep your outdoor living space warm and comfortable during those cold winter nights.

·      Built-in Fireplace or Fire Pit. A designer can create a fireplace or fire pit that molds perfectly to your unique space, enabling you to stay outside longer with a crackling fire.

·      TV and comfortable seating. A TV and outdoor furniture is the perfect way to entertain and stay entertained while the season shifts.

·      Spas. A hot tub or Jacuzzi can bubble warm water while the snow falls creating the perfect way to stay toasty while the temperatures drop.

·      Outdoor lighting. It is essential to get great lighting outside as the days become shorter. You can also buy lights that emit heat to keep your outdoor space warm.

“The current economy has homeowners anxious about putting their properties on the market. Instead, people are remaining in their homes longer and increasing their property value by creating a beautiful, functional outdoor space,” says Dallas. “UltraOutdoors.com provides the perfect outlet for people that want to add a few elements to their outdoor living space to enjoy it all year long. Instead of retreating to the confines of home, we can now celebrate the seasons -- all four of them.”

For more information, visit the site atwww.UltraOutdoors.com.




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