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First Paleo Dog Treat Fuels the Industry, Provides Healthier Option | News

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First Paleo Dog Treat Fuels the Industry, Provides Healthier Option
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First Paleo Dog Treat Fuels the Industry, Provides Healthier Option

A quick Google search for the term “Paleo” yields over 40 million options. Paleo diets have increasingly become popular for people over the last few years, with millions of people making the effort to follow the more natural diet that our ancestors followed. Likewise, many people are searching for healthier options for their dogs, too, and they are finding them in product lines by such companies as I’d Rather Be with My Dog, which has the first line of Paleo dog treats on the market.

“Those who are looking to feed their pets healthier today have options that are readily available,” explains Doug Ratner, founder of I’d Rather Be with My Dog and a musician. “Forget feeding them treats that are not even fit for human consumption, such as cookies and items loaded with artificial and unhealthy ingredients. Paleo treats offer a healthy treat that dogs love and people can feel good about.”

The I’d Rather Be with My Dog line of Paleo dog treats have become so popular because people are looking for ways to help feed their pets in a healthier way. They have become more aware of their own diets and as they embrace the Paleo concept, they want to pass that onto their pets. The Paleo diet is one that focuses on eating foods that are more in line with what our ancient ancestors ate. Following this caveman-like or prehistoric way of eating is thought to get us closer to how we are supposed to be eating.

The same concept holds true for dogs. Feeding dogs Paleo treats offers them something that is closer to what their ancestors would have had as a treat, making it better for them. It helps to avoid much of the over-processed and overly refined foods in today’s pet food market. It also removes the potentially harmful ingredients that so many pet foods and treats are made with today.

“As more people learn about the benefits of feeding their pets Paleo treats and healthier foods they are embracing it,” added Ratner. “Not only do dogs love them, but their human companions won’t feel guilty giving them to them either. It’s a win-win situation!”

I’d Rather Be with My Dog is a lifestyle company that offers a full line of Paleo treats for dogs, as well as “I’d Rather Be with My Dog” clothing. The company got its name when Ratner was writing a song one evening. Going through girl problems, and seeing his dog nearby, he realized he would rather be with his dog. He is passionate about providing dogs with healthy Paleo treats and sharing I’d Rather Be with My Dog clothing with others who are passionate about their dogs.

The I’d Rather Be with My Dog Paleo treats are made in the USA, are grain and gluten free, and also do not contain soy, dairy, or corn. Every flavor does contain coconut oil. Flavors include Duck Bites, Venison Bites, Salmon Bites, and diet restricted Paleo treats, including joint health, skin and coat health, digestive health, and more. The clothing line is currently being test marketed at Macy’s in Chicago. The company gives 10 percent of sales each month to a different animal rescue organization, to help save lives. For more information, visit the site at:  www.idratherbewithmydog.net.

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