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Would you rather be with your dog? Now you can let the world know! | News

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Would you rather be with your dog? Now you can let the world know!
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Would you rather be with your dog? Now you can let the world know!

Company offers “I’d Rather Be With My Dog” new line of clothing and accessories and a portion of the proceeds helps animal rescues and shelters


There are millions of people who would rather be with their dog than with other people or doing other activities. Now, they can proudly let the world know that while making a fashion statement at the same time. The company I’d Rather Be With My Dog has a line of clothing and accessories bearing its name, giving pet lovers the opportunity to let people know how they really feel.

“Many of us would rather be with our dog, so why not make it part of our dress and let the world know?” asks Doug Ratner, founder of I’d Rather Be with My Dog and a musician. “People love the idea of being with their dog and in letting others know they would rather be with the dog. It’s a great thing and a win-win situation for all.”

The company donates 10 percent of all proceeds to animal rescues and shelters, giving people a chance to save dogs and cats while they also show their pride. The popular paw print design is currently being test marketed at Macy’s in Chicago. The full line of I’d Rather Be With My Dog clothing and accessories is available at the company website, which provides free shipping for all US orders. They also offer special deals for those looking for clothing and accessories, as well as the company’s famous dog treats.

I’d Rather Be With My Dog also created the first-ever Paleo dog treat, offering consumers a healthier way to feed their pets. The Paleo dog treats offer them something closer to what their ancestors would have eaten, avoiding the over-processed options that dominate today’s market.

Those looking to show people that they prefer to be with their dog will find that the company offers tank tops, V-neck shirts, crew neck shirts, yoga pants, hoodies, phone cases, mousepads, magnets, bumper stickers, and beer koozies. There are also products available that say “I’d Rather Be With My Cat,” for those who prefer to share their love of the feline.

“Not only are these fun things to wear and accessories to use, but they make great gifts for someone who is an animal lover,” added Ratner. “It not only makes people laugh to read the message, but it also shows people that you are someone who really cares about your pet.”

I’d Rather Be with My Dog is a lifestyle company that got its name when Ratner was writing a song one evening. Going through girl problems, and seeing his dog nearby, he realized he would rather be with his dog. He is passionate about providing dogs with healthy Paleo treats and sharing I’d Rather Be with My Dog clothing with others who are passionate about their dogs. Ratner is also a musician who is the guitarist and vocalist for the band Doug Ratner and the Watchmen.

The I’d Rather Be with My Dog Paleo treats are made in the USA, are grain- and gluten-free, and also do not contain soy, dairy, or corn. Every flavor does contain coconut oil. Flavors include Duck Bites, Venison Bites, Salmon Bites, and diet restricted Paleo treats, including joint health, skin and coat health, digestive health, and more. The clothing and accessory line is available at the one-stop online retail store. For more information, visit the site at: www.idratherbewithmydog.net.

News, Pets, Style

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