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Va. family angry over trashing of new condo | News

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Va. family angry over trashing of new condo

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA9) -- A family in Fairfax about buy a new $535,000 luxury condominium found the placed trashed just three days before they were set to close on it. Now they want out of their contract. 

Pictures of the condo tell the story: empty bottles and drug paraphernalia litter the floor and countertops, a red substance spilled on the custom-ordered quartz countertops and cigarette burns on the carpet. Someone's clothes are strewn in the bedroom and there's vomit in the bathroom. 

"It's an invasion of privacy because I don't want to know what happened in those bedrooms, or how many people were there," said Alessandra Parrish, describing what the condo looked like on Sunday when she brought her brother by to look at it.  

Their parents, Norman and Lily Parrish, are buying the condo from Pulte Homes, which is building the Metrowest condo complex next to the Vienna Metro station.  

The family found everything top shape at the walk-through on Thursday. By Sunday afternoon, the condo was trashed like there was a wild party inside, Alessandra said.  

"There was an apple turned into a pipe, traces of tobacco or weed, lighters everywhere."

Her parents were set to close on the condo Wednesday. Alessandra said she and her father complained to Pulte and we're told the place would be cleaned up. Sunday night, Alessandra says her brother dropped by the condo and found it unchanged and still trashed with doors still unlocked. 

Norman Parrish said a Pulte representative apologized and offered to replace the carpet.  But that's not good enough, says Parrish. He says he's worried about permanent damage to the quartz countertop and scratches on the wood floors.

"You don't feel comfortable coming here and calling it home," Alessandra said. 

Another condo in the same building was apparently also vandalized within the past two weeks, according to people with knowledge about the situation.

A spokesperson for Pulte Homes says they have talked to the buyers and that they still want to close, but are delaying the timing and trying to work things out.   

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