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Why More People are Seeking Tangible Investments | News

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Why More People are Seeking Tangible Investments
Why More People are Seeking Tangible Investments

Most people realize that they need to invest some of their money so that they have something saved for the future and to pass down to the next generation. Yet with so many investment options available, it can be a daunting task trying to determine where to put your money. Today, many people are turning to tangible investments and for good reasons. The more people learn about the benefits of having a portion of their investment dollars in tangible assets, the more it makes sense to take advantage of the option.

“There is no shortage of ways that you can invest your money, but not all of them will put your investment in the power of your own hands,” explains Sean Cohen, president of Van Zwam, the developer of Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs). “We help people every day to invest in tangible assets and we hear the stories of how they love the option and how it brings them comfort.”

A tangible asset can be either physical, which is something that you can hold in your hand (such as investment diamonds), or non-physical, such as copyrights and patents. Not everyone has the means to invest in non-physical tangible assets, but everyone does have the ability to invest in physical ones. Some of the reasons why more people are investing some of their money in tangible assets, such as diamonds, include:

·      Investing in diamonds puts your investment in literally in your hands. Diamonds are the world’s most compact form of wealth. People appreciate that it is something they can physically hold onto. Being able to see and keep the investment in their possession brings comfort to most people who choose a physically tangible asset.

·      People are generally familiar with something like diamonds. They have seen them their whole life, they understand them, and they realize they are valuable.

·      Diamonds have a 3000 year history of value retention and growth. People may not understand what moves the stock market or bonds, but they easily understand diamonds, so they are more comfortable investing their money in them.

·      Diamonds require no registration paperwork or fees, ever. They can easily be given or passed down to family and friends simply by physically giving them to the recipient whenever or wherever you choose. Diamond investing makes for a great heirloom or gift that can be given to others.

·      Diamonds not only are the most compact store of wealth, they can be simply liquidated at any time anywhere in the world, giving people quick access to cash when they need it.

·      With the uncertainty that takes place around the globe, people find it comforting to invest their money in something they can hold in their hand of any value they choose, and know they can easily take it with them wherever they may go and can sell immediately if they need to.

·      Diamond investing is also a safe investment that provides people with the opportunity to grow their investment. Throughout history, diamonds have been a long-term investment choice that has consistently helped people grow their money.

·      Diamonds can be enjoyed for their natural beauty and sparkle, and putting investment diamonds into jewelry has no negative impact on their investment value. Tangible assets are a way of investing your money in something secure that you physically control. Rather than having your money in some form of promissory paper and wondering where your money is, whether the institution issuing or holding it is doing okay, or how it’s doing in the market.

“Investing in physically tangible assets is a great way to help secure your future. Every day we see billionaires buying art, collector cars, diamonds and other tangible assets to add to their portfolio. They’re playing it safe by keeping a spread of assets for unforeseen scenarios.” added Cohen. “We have helped make diamond investing easier and more accessible to everyone, whether they want to invest $1500 or hundreds of thousands. There are excellent options for everyone.”

Another great feature of investment diamonds is you can trade in your old jewelry for investment diamonds of equal value, thereby simplifying future gift and sales issues.

The Defined Value Diamonds (DVD) program makes it possible for most people to afford to invest in diamonds, offering individual diamond discs that range from $1,500 to $150.000. Each DVD disc holds high quality investment-grade diamonds that have been housed in an elegant, lightweight stainless steel and glass display disc much like a large coin or watch face. Each DVD diamond is GIA-certified, always triple excellent cut grade and comes with a GIA grading report identifying its key value characteristics as well as a Gemprint ID, the unique fingerprint for that diamond.

All DVD diamonds are ethically sourced, fully vetted and inspected to meet higher grading tolerance standards than the basic GIA parameters. The DVD diamonds have each been hand-selected to ensure they are of the characteristics and type in most global demand, thereby providing for stability, quality, and value growth. The prices for the diamonds in each DVD are the same as the global polished trade price (PTP), the same price top-end retailers pay for their inventory, which is up to 60 percent less than the price that would be paid for the same diamonds set in jewelry. For more information on the Defined Value Diamonds asset, visit their site at: www.dvddiamonds.com.


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