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Jury In Grandmother's Murder Trial Watches Video Of Woman Throwing Baby Off Bridge | News

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Jury In Grandmother's Murder Trial Watches Video Of Woman Throwing Baby Off Bridge

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) -- A Fairfax County Jury saw disturbing video surveillance video that shows a woman throwing her granddaughter off a Tyson's Corner 50-foot high walkway. 

The video shows the toddler, Angelyn Ogdoc, leaving the mall with her mother's family. On the walkway, Carmela Dela Rosa quickly and deliberately walks to the railing and throws the child off. The little girl died in the hospital the next morning, November 30, 2010.

 The jury also watched a chilling interview with Dela Rosa from that November night. She tells detectives she did it to get back at her son-in-law for getting her daughter pregnant and interefering in their  family's life.

Dela Rosa also tells detectives that she was mad at Angelyn because everybody loved the child and not her.

Dela Rosa, who is charged with murdering the 2-year-old by  throwing her off an elevated walkway was in court Tuesday, listening to testimony from witnesses and family members about the tragic incident. 

There were many tears shed by the father of Angelyn Ogdoc and the witnesses who were the first to respond to the 2-year-old on the ground after falling off the 2nd floor garage walkway. 

"I saw something falling out of the sky out of the corner of my eye," nurse practitioner Catherine Corcoran said. "I thought it was a bird at first, then I looked over and quickly realized it was a baby," she said as she choked up and started to cry. 

James Ogdoc, the girl's father, struggled through his testimony about the call he received from his daughter's mother right after the incident. 

"When we got the hospital, they had her hooked up to machines," Ogdoc said. 

Little Angelyn was still alive hours after the fall, according to Ogdoc. When she started to flat-line, they tried to revive her, but the brain damage was too much, Ogdoc said in his testimony, as he started to cry uncontrollably. 

A recess had  to be taken so Ogdoc and others in the courtroom could compose themselves. 

9NEWS NOW's Peggy Fox reports that jurors were visibly shaken up by the powerful and graphic testimony about the toddler's tragic death. One juror was so shaken that court to a break and she was replaced by an alternate.

The first police officer to respond to the scene ran up to the walkway to investigate exactly what happened. In his testimony he said when he got up to where Dela Rosa was standing, she walked over to him and calmly said: "I did it, I threw the baby off."

He also said when he took Dela Rosa to the police station, she thanked him for being so nice and smiled at him. 


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