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Psychologist Says Carmela dela Rosa Knew What She Did Was Wrong | News

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Psychologist Says Carmela dela Rosa Knew What She Did Was Wrong


Dela Rosa is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity, but Wednesday’s witness in the murder trial, clinical psychologist Dr. Stanton Samenow, said that the 50-year old grandmother did in fact know right from wrong.

Furthermore, when dela Rosa was asked if she would have thrown her two year-old granddaughter off the 45-foot high pedestrian bridge at Tyson’s Corner Mall on November 29, 2010 if there was a police officer standing next to her, she stated, “Of course not.”

Commonwealth’s attorney Raymond Morrogh brought in forensic psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Samenow, who wrote “Inside the Criminal Mind.”  This book is based on his clinical work that has been used as a textbook in criminal justice classes, psychology classes, and police academies.

Samenow met with dela Rosa on four different occasions, for a total of 10.25 hours, and found that during the interviews “she was not conversational. She did respond to the questions in a rather terse manner, and she didn’t elaborate.”

After his evaluations, Dr. Samenow diagnosed dela Rosa with borderline personality disorder. He found that she met seven of the nine criteria for the disorder including frantic efforts to avoid abandonment, patterns of unstable interpersonal relationships (with her family members), identity disturbance (how she was insecure being a wife and mother), suicidal gestures, inappropriate intense anger, feelings of emptiness, affective instability (highs and lows), and self-damaging impulsivity (such as excessive spending).

“I saw no evidence of psychotic episodes,” said Dr. Samenow.

During her interview with the detective after the murder of her grandchild she was very clear in her responses. According to Dr. Samenow, dela Rosa appeared calm and responsive, and she stated that she wanted the child gone permanently.

Samenow explained that dela Rosa felt that everyone loved the baby, and there was no more love for her. She indicated that she was mad at everyone, including the two-year-old baby, Angelyn.

Dr. Samenow called attention to the outbursts with different family members. Dela Rosa became estranged from her daughter Mary Kathlyn Ogdoc (Kat) when she married to James Ogdoc after having Angelyn out of wedlock.

Dela Rosa “felt as though her daughter had died,” said Dr. Samenow. Moreover, there was the constant friction between dela Rosa and her son David and more specifically, the altercation between dela Rosa and her husband, when she pulled a knife on him in November 2010 for not staying home from work with her.

This was the same month as the murder of her grandchild. “She simply did not get along with members of her own family. She was a woman who wanted things on her terms, and when things did not go her way, she was angry,” said Dr. Samenow. “Life was not going the way she wanted it to go,” he added.

Public Defender Dawn Butorac is in the process of cross-examining Dr. Samenow.


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