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Virginia Primary Lacks National GOP Spotlight | News

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Virginia Primary Lacks National GOP Spotlight

CENTREVILLE, Va. (WUSA) - For six long hours, young Republican  18-year-old Saad Bajwa stands outside a polling place at Centreville high school trying to drum up support for the party.
"So far there haven't been too many voters, but I hope that'll change," said Bajwa.

Inside, workers read books in between the sporadic voters trickling in. This morning before work, there were more voters at the polls, and if you ask Jay McConville, who's running for chair of the Fairfax County Republicans, it was downright exciting.

"They're pretty pumped up. We've got a lot of volunteers out there, precincts are open, people are working them," says McConville.

He says the primary is a good practice for the party in getting the votes out for the general election come November.
"Regardless of who's on the ballot, all our candidates, potential nominees, are better than what we got, so people are coming out for that," says McConville.

But with only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on the ballot, the national spotlight is ignoring Virginia. Only handmade Ron paul signs can be seen.. but Romney supporters are worried about a grassroots push for Paul.

Self-described "hard-core" Republican Roger Grooms says he's worried Ron Paul supporters will "hi-jack" their primary, so he came out to vote to Romney.

Political analysts say don't underestimate the Old Dominion.
Toni michelle travis, a George Mason University Politics professor says, "I think Virginia is going to be terribly important  in the national election." She says with high-profile Republican leaders like Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Governor Bob McDonnell, the party will fight hard for the top of the ticket. Even though President Obama won Virginia, Travis says he'll have to try a lot  harder this time.


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