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Tyson's Galleria Continues to Build Out with New Luxury Retailers | News

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Tyson's Galleria Continues to Build Out with New Luxury Retailers
Tyson's Galleria Continues to Build Out with New Luxury Retailers

Rich Dinning has been the General Manager of Tyson’s Galleria since last August. Dinning's role is to oversee the vision of the center and to make Tyson's Galleria a destination for both luxury shoppers and retailers. He oversees all aspects of property management and works closely with the leasing team.

Since he started in August 2010, many additional retailers have been added to the center such as Gucci, Elie Tahari, Omega, and Louis Vuitton. Galleria currently has just over 90 retailers, including 9 different restaurants. One of Dinning’s main goals is to attract high-end retailers. “Our retailers are what making Tyson’s Galleria, Tyson’s Galleria,” he said.

However, the addition of a new retailer is not a speedy process. It can even be in the works for 3 or 4 years. The business transaction only occurs if there is a perfect fit into the current mix because “there is a certain caliber we need to maintain,” said Dinning. Once the fit is made, the construction and renovation process can take anywhere from 60-90 days. A new retailer also usually means there will be some musical chairs with current retailers as well. Dinning compared it to a puzzle and explained how they are never really finished because there is so much movement and growth happening. 

“It is about maintaining the vision of the center and providing a luxury experience for the shoppers or diners. The experience is luxurious, not just for retailers, but also customers,” said Aba Kwawu of The Aba Agency.

One way Tyson’s Galleria creates this luxury experience is by incorporating art into the center. The Galleria recently had a Dali show and presently displays about 20 pieces from the Habatat Galleries. It is similar to an art gallery feel to create a unique space and moreover, a unique experience.

Tyson’s Galleria recently dressed all the models for the Washington Humane Society’s Fashion for Paws event.  This was Tyson’s 3rd year of doing this and now they have it down to a science. Dinning expressed how important giving back to the community is for them as well. Next Tyson’s Galleria will host the “All Access Fashion” event in the fall to benefit The Make a Wish Foundation.


Here are examples of some of the new retailers at Tyson’s Galleria:

-Elie Tahari (February 2011)

-Omega (coming June 2011)

-Louis Vuitton (coming Fall 2011)

-Cartier (coming April 2011)

-Tory Burch (coming May 2011)


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