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What is Your Severe Weather Plan? | News

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What is Your Severe Weather Plan?
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What is Your Severe Weather Plan?

With the tornado warnings and severe weather in the area people all over NoVA were on alert yesterday, as well as into today. What is your severe weather plan? Do you have one? Share with us on twitter or below in our commenting section.

We asked some @wusa9 twitter followers and here are some of the responses we got:

@GerriMadalene I do exactly what i'm told NOT to do. I hear "stay away from windows"&i stick my nose right up to them to see what's coming! :)

@GerriMadalene Leesburg! It was CRAZY this morning. But i'm a storm freak, i'd be out chasing tornadoes if i didnt have to work 8-5 :)

@MLG_Gandhi nothing. Weather is wrong majority of the time. Ill take my chances

@carolynofnova Go to basement with beer!

@lynn0202 get down to my basement with my kids & dogs!

@uzkhan1 Hit up the clubs!


http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/emergency/prepare/tornado.htm ">Here are some Tornado Preparedness Tips from Fairfax County.

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