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The DMV Indie Film Showcase
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In my first blog here I wrote about the exciting but under-the-radar local film scene. So I'm thrilled to do my part in putting some local filmmakers on the radar by announcing The DMV Indie Film Showcase, which will highlight some of the D.C. Area's brightest filmmaking talent. The event will take place Thursday December 2 and Sunday December 5 at 7PM at the Cinema Arts Theatre in Fairfax.

My production company, Ciscovaras Pictures, is hosting the event and we are very fortunate to have a program of short films selected by Sydney-Chanele Dawkins of Cinema A La Mode. Sydney-Chanele sees hundreds of films every year and she has picked some of the best to screen at the DMV Indie Film Showcase. Here are some of the shorts from the program, which include several Rosebud winners:

LOADING (3 min.) Director - Daniel Supanick

Loading is an experimental narrative shot on 16mm film about a young man, immersed in film history, preparing to make a film of his own, but also running into problems when he tries to handle the technical side of the medium.

TYPES IN STEREO  (12 min.) Director - Gemal Woods

Types in Stereo is about how we can exist in multiple spaces. Stereotypes make light of those things that are either generally accepted, popularly true or made myth through misinterpretation. This short film will bring us in and out of the world of stereotypes.

MINDING (6min.) Director - Julie Haberstick

Partially animated, Minding touches on the fragile power of a child's imagination.  Marcus and Nigel, two young brothers whose parents have recently divorced, are left home alone for an afternoon.  Marcus, creative and resilient, begins to tell a story, while Nigel, his older, more severe brother, has other intentions.

MOLLY (13 min.) Director - Stavros Vagias 

A gripping film focusing on the anguish of loneliness. Molly is the story of a lonely Butcher, whose dark quest for solace, reveals a disquieting truth about human nature at it's worst.

BROKEN (9 min.) Director - Matt Szychowski

A young man enters into a seemingly perfect church, but as he spends more time there he realizes that things are not what they appear to be....

Plus, my own feature film, 6 NONSMOKERS, will be shown in a special screening. This event promises two great night of local films, so come out and support area filmmakers!

EVERCare (6 min.) Director - Kelley Slagle

This mockumentary explores the day-to-day rewards and challenges of one possible employment opportunity in a post-ZA (Zombie Apocalypse) world.

PHYTHONA (4 Min) Director - J. Michael

Whalen 'Phythona' centers around a young woman who is convinced a viral outbreak is spreading around the world, and will soon kill all life on the planet. Reflecting on her childhood she spots warning signs of the coming catastrophe in the disappearance of a boy in her neighborhood.

As she escapes to the beach, and eventually is abandoned by her family, the possibility that there never was an outbreak to begin with comes to light.

MR. AMERICA (4 min.) Director - J. Michael Whalen

Mr. America’ is a documentary shot in Northern Virginia over the course of 2 days in the middle of July of 2008. The subject is a young man who stands at an intersection shouting and throwing punches at the passing cars. The piece offers only an interpretation of his actions.

For more details, check out the event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=177095422307447&ref=ts

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