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Health & Beauty


This Week's Spotlight: 90 Minute Couples Massage $250

90 Minute Couples Massage. Come enjoy 90 minutes of complete relaxation with a friend!

Skin Care

$35For Signature Facial ($75 Value)

Present This Coupon And Receive A Signature Facial for $35

Home & Garden

Chimney Cleaners

$20.00 sweep & inspection

sweep and visually inspect any type of regular fireplace or woodstove. This service will include a complete visual inspection to insure the safety of the chimney. Prices beginning at $139.00

$50.00 off reline

$50.00 of any type of reline. Price varies depending on job details.

$15.00 off dryer vent cleaning

We will run a brush from the outside as we are blowing from the inside. This service is highly recommended to help prevent fires from occurring due to accumulated lint in the vent. Prices beginning at $109.00

$10 off gutter cleaning

SweepMasters will clean all gutters and downspouts. We will nail all those nails that have pulled the gutters away from home. We will write a full report on the shape of the gutters to ensure roof safety. Prices beginning at $109.00

Chimney inspection $10.00 off

We will ensure the safety and reliability your with our visual inspection. Normal cost $69.00

Video Inspection $50.00 off

We will run a video up into the liner of the chimney to ensure that there are no breaks in the liner that cannot be seen by the visual inspection. This is a great tool to ensure the safety of your fireplace liner Normal $175

$25.00 of dryer vent repair

Dryer vent repairs can be a real problem. We are there to help with this and can get this done quickly and efficiently. Cost vary depending on level of repair needed.

Legal & Financial

Arbitration & Mediation

$1500 flat fee for up to 10 hours divorce mediation:

A great offer for couples who want to keep the cost of divorce to a minimum but need a little time to think things through. Pay in full at first session. Fee is for family mediation services facilitating negotiations and drafting an agreement.

FREE family mediation consultation (20 - 30 minutes)

co-parenting, divorce, elder care planning, custody, visitation, child support, family business disputes -- any family matter.

$50 Off Family Mediation Services

Present this coupon and receive $50 off of our mediation fee.