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How Ener-Core is Helping the Planet by Converting Air Pollution to Profitable Clean Energy | Business

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How Ener-Core is Helping the Planet by Converting Air Pollution to Profitable Clean Energy
How Ener-Core is Helping the Planet by Converting Air Pollution to Profitable Clean Energy

Talk of global warming, or climate change, is everywhere. News reports and articles bring to the masses the information that according to NASA, scientists tend to agree that the trend is caused by human expansions. The “greenhouse effect” is caused by the tendency of certain gases in the atmosphere to trap heat on the earth’s surface and slowly warm up the planet, leading to change in everything from a rise in sea levels to droughts, changes in agricultural cycles and a reduction of the polar ice caps. One company, Ener-Core, has developed a method for addressing the industrial air pollution problem, and provide businesses with profit while they significantly reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases.

“You can either be a part of the problem, or you can opt for being a part of the solution,” explains Alain Castro, the chief executive officer of Ener-Core, Inc. (OTCQB: ENCR). “Our products allow businesses that produce and emit air pollution to maintain their current infrastructure and become a part of the solution, in a manner that actually makes money for them.”

Ener-Core has developed products that help to take the air pollution that companies put out and turn it into clean energy.  By doing that, the businesses can also turn a profit from using this on-site energy or selling off that clean energy.  Ener-Core’s process of turning the air pollution into clean, profitable energy is called gradual oxidation.   Oxidation already happens naturally to all greenhouse gases that enter the atmosphere, but it takes 12-20 years in nature.  Ener-Core has simply taken nature’s process, and accelerated it to 2-3 seconds.  At the same time, Ener-Core’s process takes the waste gas and turns it into clean energy, all while using the businesses’ current infrastructure.

A wide variety of pollution-emitting companies can benefit from this system, including those in the fields of coal, landfills, oil, gas, food processing, plastics manufacturing, wastewater treatment and more. This solution gives companies the ability to avoid pollution-based sanctions, reduce the amount of pollution they are putting into the atmosphere, and make a profit off the process.

“This is a great way for companies to go into the New Year with goals that will help reduce their pollution output, raise profits, and help the environment all at the same time,” added Castro.

For more information about Ener-Core, or to access product information or a case study, visit their site at: http://ener-core.com.


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