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Indi Revolutionizes Online Shopping Experience, Slated to Help Holiday Sales Soar | Business

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Indi Revolutionizes Online Shopping Experience, Slated to Help Holiday Sales Soar
Indi Revolutionizes Online Shopping Experience,  Slated to Help Holiday Sales Soar

We live in a day and age when people love to purchase things right from their phone, tablet or computer. In fact, according to Adobe, there were nearly $2 billion of online sales on Thanksgiving Day alone in 2016, which was part of the $5.27 billion Black Friday weekend. For millions of people, simply reading the online write-up or reviews about a product is not enough to entice them to make the purchase. That’s where Indi has taken it up a notch, allowing people to use personalized videos to sell products, opening the door to more organic buzz about the product and results in increased sales.

Videos have become an important tool in helping to promote products and increase sales. In fact, research shows that 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video that explains the product or service. What’s more, 96% of people say that videos are helpful when making a decision about whether or not to make a purchase.

“Our platform allows everyone to get in on the game of being an influencer. Best of all, brands can turn their existing loyal customer base and even their employees into performance-based micro-influencers, essentially creating a new virtual sales force driving traffic and sales to you using Indi.  It’s truly a win-win situation for all” explains Neel Grover, the founder and chief executive officer of Indi. 

Indi is an interactive content platform that creates a hub into social media and then back into brand websites for direct purchases. The platform powers authentic engagement between brands and their customers, where customers can then share that content by posting natively into their social networks, or sending to their friends over email or text. The platform revolutionizes online shopping in a number of ways, including:

·      Creating a human connection. People can give their own personal video reviews and recommendations, helping others to decide if the product is one they want to purchase, from one peer to another.

·      Mobilizing the last untouched sales force. Indi helps to turn existing customers and employees into assets. When a brand signs up on the site, every employee and customer can become a social influencer, helping to drive brand awareness, traffic, and sales. Every brand can use more sales, and the best way to get them is through happy customers promoting their products. Companies essentially gain a performance-based virtual sales force to help boost their bottom line.

·      Because Indi has a wide variety of brands available to choose from, there are no limits to the number of different brands that can be represented on any given video review. Thus, consumers will have a wide variety of options to consider, rather than only seeing ones put out by companies with big advertising budgets.

·      By creating a universal platform where anyone can be an influencer, people can earn money by sharing their opinions about products. Each person who is an influencer will have a link where they can track the activity on their video, giving them the ability to monitor their sales progress. -

·      Customers become the spokespeople for products and brands to their personal network, which is something that consumers tend to trust more. The Indi video network creates authentic word-of-mouth interest in products.

·      Indi lends options for individuals to make money for their recommendations, and engages retailers to reach customers in a more real, authentic and organic way, making consumers connect, engage and shop.

“We are currently running and will be launching several retailer brand ambassador programs prior to the holidays. These will help retailers turn their employees and loyal customers into performance-based micro-influencers who can then share their content natively throughout social media,” added Grover. “This holiday season we are confident that our video engagement platform will be a big influence on the increase in online sales. This opens up a whole new way for people to get in on the scene and make a major difference in the area of online sales.”

Indi has over 100 million affiliate products, featuring major name brands such as Canon, Nike, Adidas, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Zales, Walmart, The North Face, Vanity Planet and many more. Users on the site are able to create authentic content and share it into their social stream. Companies such as the Denver Broncos, America’s Got Talent, Domino’s and Starbucks have partnered with Indi and are using their platform to greatly increase their social media engagement and influence, all without using paid promotion.

Indi founder Neel Grover is a serial entrepreneur. He was previously the chief executive officer for Rakuten.com, Buy.com, and Bluefly.com, where his team’s efforts helped sell over $5 billion worth of products. The Indi co-founders and much of the team have been together for years since they were one of the only ecommerce companies to have multiple consecutive years of profitability competing with Amazon. For more information on Indi and the options available to individual influencers, companies, and consumers, visit the site at: http://indi.com.


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