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ToyMakerz Top Picks for Hot Rod Builds that Everyone Should Experience in their Lifetime | News

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ToyMakerz Top Picks for Hot Rod Builds that Everyone Should Experience in their Lifetime
ToyMakerz Top Picks for Hot Rod Builds that Everyone Should Experience in their Lifetime

Do a quick google search for “hot rods” and there are over 44 million results that come up. People have a soft spot for hot rods that has been holding steady for decades. Whether it’s the lure of a fast and fancy car or the fun and sometimes daring culture that goes along with them, hot rods are here to stay. For some people, like those from the hit TV show and the successful company ToyMakerz, hot rods are not just something they appreciate, but they are something that helps give them inspiration and keeps the creative juices flowing.

“As a fan of custom vehicles and hot rods, I have many people who ask what my favorites are,” says Dave Ankin, inventor and star of the hit show ToyMakerz. “While it’s difficult to narrow down a list of the favorites, because I can appreciate so many of them, there are some that stand out as being my favorites for a variety of reasons.”

Ankin spends his days building custom toys, with some of his inspiration coming from hot rods. He has created many exotic and rare custom-built hot rods and street cars that can go to the racetrack, trucks, and motorcycles for adults. He’s known for being the ultimate adult toy maker, giving people a chance to relive their youth and have some fun. His adult toys are all one-of-a-kind racing machines that are typically snatched up quickly by collectors and those who have a need for speed.

Here are ToyMakerz top 6 picks for hot rod builds that they believe everyone should experience in their lifetime:

  1. 1941 Willys coupe. It’s hard not to love the big-block, big 8-71 blower, on a hemi motor, set up as an old-school gasser. 
  2. 1968 Charger. There’s no mistaking the awesomeness of the twin turbo, pro touring, old school look, with a new school twist.
  3. 1963 Split window Corvette. An unmistakable beauty with a big-block, big blower, fuel-injected, full tube chassis, ProMod for the street.
  4. 1932 Ford 5 window coupe. Like it comes straight out of a great movie with its small-block, side pipes, open wheel, in the true style of “American Graffiti” itself.
  5. 1968 C10. One of the coolest trucks ever made. Bagged, big brakes, LS-based, pro charged, street truck.
  6. 1967 Chevy 2 (or Nova as some call it). Looking sharp with a big-block, four-speed, 9-inch, tubed, front runners, and wheelie bars. A true pro street toy from back in the day.

“Everyone should take a ride in these top six hot rods at least once in their lifetime,” added Ankin. “You will have a whole new appreciation for vehicles and especially for hot rods. There’s nothing else like them. They truly embody the ultimate hot rod culture.”

ToyMakerz was founded by David Ankin, who is a former stuntman who used to do stunts with motorcycles, racecars, and also at Universal Studios for their Batman and Water World shows. Watching his father use metal to build things when he was growing up inspired him to go on to do the same. Today, he has earned praise for the eccentric one-of-kind racing machines that he’s built. There is nothing idle about his work.

ToyMakerz is helping fans to feel they are more a part of the brand’s team through their new app. ToyMakerz partnered with Source Digital to develop the app, which is slated to help enhance the viewer experience with new digital brand integrations. Available now on iTunes, the ToyMakerz app lets fans interact with the cast, score exclusive deals on anything they see on the screen while they are watching the show live, share pictures of their own rides, and even offers a chance to appear on the show this season!

The ToyMakerz TV show is currently airing on Velocity, check you local listings for show times.  ToyMakerz is produced by Los Angeles based production company, Lucky13Cinematic. For more information about ToyMakerz, visit the site at: http://toymakerz.com.


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