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When it Comes to Pet Foods, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Pet | Pets

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When it Comes to Pet Foods, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Pet
When it Comes to Pet Foods, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Pet

Millions of pet parents unknowingly harm their pets every day around the country with the food they feed them. It’s estimated that 58% of cats and 54% of dogs are overweight. Being an unhealthy weight is an issue not only because it’s estimated that it takes 2.5 years off of their lifespan, but it can also lead to a range of health problems, including high blood pressure and kidney disease among others. Millions of people across the country love their pets, but they are often in the dark when it comes to how to feed them a healthy diet that will help promote good health and longevity. The more consumers know, they more they will be able to stop feeding their pets junk food and opt for something better.

“Looking at the images on the package and the ads can make it difficult to determine how healthy the food actually is,” explains Will Post, founder and CEO of Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation. “You have to look at the ingredients on the package, rather than a fancy ad in a magazine or on television, to really see if that’s something your pet should be eating.”

It’s estimated that this year there will be over $69 billion spent on pet foods around the nation. The problem is that much of that money is being spent on the wrong foods, which are the kinds that are low in quality, nutrition, and satisfaction.  When it comes to feeding our pets, there is a lot to know, and most of us are in the dark.

Many people are familiar with some of the foods that they should keep away from their pets, such as chocolate, onions, and garlic. But they are not familiar with ingredients in common pet foods that they should always steer clear of for the health of their pet. These include preservatives, grains, fillers, and by products. It’s important when choosing a pet food to keep the following tips in mind:

·      Don’t rely upon what the front of the package says. While it may indicate that something is “chicken,” this can look a lot different when you flip the product over and look at the ingredient list. Always check to see what is in the product and where the meat falls in the list of ingredients.

·      It’s not healthy for pets to live on a diet of only dry kibble. Those who are going to give their pets kibble should also add in a daily serving of meat. This will help them get the nutrients that they need, which may be missing in the kibble.

·      Know what to look for when reading ingredients lists. Some of the ingredients you will want to stay away from include generic liver (when there is no verification of where the liver originated), meat by-products, corn, soy, wheat, added sugar, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, dyes, and flavors. These ingredients are not nutritious for pets and over the long term can harm their health.

·      Make your pets a priority by always choosing quality foods for them. This way they will have the best opportunity at being healthier, happier, and living longer. Quality pet foods, which are made of real meat, are readily available around the country.

“Every day people feed their pets, and they think they are doing something good, but if they are feeding them ingredients that they shouldn’t, then it’s anything but good,” added Post. “We all love our pets. As a veteran, I started this company because I believe in transparency and that we should feed our pets well. They are our family members and we want to do our best to ensure their health, so the more we know, the better decisions we can make.”

Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation uses only the best sourced ingredients, uses 100% meat, makes their pet food right in South Dakota, at Performance Pet Products, and offers complete DNA disclosure to show the source of the meat used in their foods. They never use things found in other popular pet foods, such as generic livers, carrageenan, chemicals, unidentifiable additives, and preservatives. They have also never had any of their food recalled. Pet food flavors include rabbit, chicken, salmon, duck, beef, lamb, turkey, pork, and Paleolithic diet.

Hound & Gatos Pet Foods strives to help owners obtain the best quality products for their pets, and they deliver with 100 percent animal protein with no fillers. Visit www.HoundGatos.com for more information. 



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