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Want a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift? Think Defined Value Diamonds! | Shopping & Services

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Want a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift? Think Defined Value Diamonds!
Want a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift? Think Defined Value Diamonds!

Valentine’s Day is a time when both men and women spoil their significant other with goodies to show their love and appreciation for them. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, the average person will spend around $142 on those gifts, which typically include candy, flowers, apparel, and jewelry. This year, there is a unique gift that people can give to both men and women that will not only surprise the recipient, but will give them a lasting investment at the same time.

“If you want a truly unique gift this year, consider giving the gift of a diamond investment,” explains Sean Cohen, president of Van Zwam, the creator of the Defined Value Diamonds. “Not only will it bring them joy then, but it will provide them with a secure investment that they can have for many years to come. These diamonds can also be set in jewelry anytime and their investment value will not be affected.”

Defined Value Diamonds (DVD) asset makes for a unique Valentine’s Day gift, because it’s not something that will be essentially fade away within days, such as the thrill of eating some chocolates or having flowers. The DVD is a beautiful disc, made of stainless steel and glass, has hand-selected diamonds on display and is protected. It also has a serial number on the case that can be used at any time to get an update on the value of the diamonds. Each DVD diamond comes with a GIA certification grading report identifying its characteristics, and has its own Gemprint ID, which is the unique fingerprint for that diamond.

Giving the diamond investment discs makes for a great unique gift, because:

·      They look gorgeous. Being able to see beautifully cut, high quality diamonds on display in the finely crafted case is a sight to behold.

·      They are a constant reminder of who gave the gift and that they are an investment in the person’s future. Diamonds make a great long term investment and provide people with a tangible asset that is globally accepted.

·      A gift of investment diamonds helps the person to diversify their investments, and if they are like half of the adults in the country and don’t have any investments, then it helps them get started with some.With the advent of Defined Value Diamonds, diamonds have become a stable, purchasable, tangible asset that is easy to buy, value, and resell. And on average, diamonds of fine engagement quality have seen 5 percent growth per annum.

·      The gift is likely to grow in value over time. In fact, at anytime the person who owns the DVD can call and get an update on the value of the diamonds inside. They are also salable at anytime, should the person fall on hard times or want to cash in on the investment.

·      With their investment quality and gem print ID, DVD diamonds can be set in jewelry anytime, and their investment value will not be altered.

“This year, do something different instead of the same old chocolates and flowers,” added Cohen. “Get your special woman or man Defined Value Diamonds, and see the smile it puts on their face. It’s an investment in their future and a great way to share that special holiday.”

The Defined Value Diamonds was started by Rand Diamond, a company with 60 years of history in the diamond field. The renowned company started the asset opportunity as a way for people to be able to simply invest in diamonds. Each DVD disc that houses the diamonds holds 1-3 diamonds, with them ranging from 1/3 carat to 3 carats each. Each of them is inspected to exceed the GIA diamond standards for excellence, and comes with GIA certification. The discs range in price from $1,000 to over $500,000.

Each of the investment-grade diamonds is conflict free and has been hand-selected to ensure global demand, stability, quality, and value. The price of the diamonds in each DVD are the same PTP as what top-end retailer’s pay for their inventory, which is normally over 50 percent less than the price that would be paid for the same diamonds in jewelry. For more information on Defined Value Diamonds, visit their site at: www.dvddiamonds.com.


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