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5 Reasons Why California Fashion Styles Lead the Pack | Style

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5 Reasons Why California Fashion Styles Lead the Pack
5 Reasons Why California Fashion Styles Lead the Pack

According to research by Accenture, there are 80 million millennials, and collectively they spend around $600 billion shopping each year. With the popularity of jeans continuing, many of those shoppers will be purchasing jeans that showcase their style, fit their budget, and give them the look they are after. Denim will continue to grow as a need, especially those brands that can offer a comfortable fit, high quality, and can keep up with the trends in the industry.  California fashion styles are always in demand because when they are LA-inspired people flock to them, putting them in high demand.

“LA and Southern California is where it’s at and people know that,” explains Jonathan Greenberg, chief operating officer of Swat Fame Inc., who manufactures the popular STS Blue line of jeans. “LA is where trends happen, styles are created and where jean fashions originate. It’s where people can be themselves and be artistic, too. We are proud to be a part of taking the lead in this area. It’s a very exciting time to be in the California fashion world.”

California fashions, and particularly LA-inspired jeans like STS Blue, have become the hot ticket item for high school and college age females. Taking part in the movement by posting their creative California look on Instagram, they are aptly named denim dolls (#DenimDolls) and are sharing their excitement on social media that they have finally found the perfect fit! Here are 5 reasons why California fashion styles lead the pack:

·      LA is a place where dreams are made and where people go to follow their dreams. Not everyone can make it to Southern California, but everyone can wear LA-inspired clothing, making them feel a bit more like they are there and representing the area. In Southern California, people can be themselves, whether they are at the beach or in the city.

·      Southern California styles are chic, edgy and practical for everyday with a sexy fit. When people look good they feel good and the Southern California vibe isn’t found in other cities around the country, people want to be a part of that.

·      The fashion industry as a whole is concentrated to the larger, more influential, cities around the world. In America, Los Angeles is a leader in the industry because of its size, clout, and diversity.

·      Los Angeles is an area where artists of all kind move. The area is filled with a varied population that represents the world, especially when it comes to artists, designers, and the fashion world.

·      Coming off of LA and NY Fashion Week, we see that fashion is tied in with the status of a city. People love Los Angeles and all that it represents, so people across the country want to wear the styles that are LA inspired.

“Our STS Blue denim line is very popular for many reasons, but it starts with being LA inspired,” says STS Blue creative director, Evelyn Ober. “Every day, people can make a choice to dress in a way that reflects their style and inner voice. We help them to do just that.”

LA-inspired STS Blue is a line of jeans made for those who want to live the Southern California life and represent it no matter where they live. The jeans are casual chic, comfortable, and sexy. They are leading the pack when it comes to the LA-inspired denim fashion movement. Thanks to STS Blue styles, trend setting washes and fabric blends you can have a jean that is comfortable enough to wear everyday! For more information, visit the site at: STSblue.com.


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