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Cold Snap Causes Havoc On Transit And Cars

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) -- AAA emergency road side assistance call volume is up 21% Wednesday over its normal volume.

It attributes the rise in calls because of the cold snap this week.

Meteorologist Howard Bernstein's says Monday we reached a high of 49 degrees in the Metro and by Wednesday we were in the teens and in some parts, the single digits.

The cold snap can really wreak havoc on our transit system and our cars.

Your car may have run perfectly the night before. Your battery may be fine. Your tire pressure is right. But overnight, and in the morning, it could be a whole different situation.

Aaron Dennis is a AAA mechanic and ironically both of his batteries in his diesel truck died.

"I had to start my own car. Both batteries were dead and they're only two years old. I've been working on everyone else's cars, that's my excuse, that's all I've got."

Winter is Here. Are You Ready?

Winter is Here. Are You Ready?

From Fairfax County:

Old Man Winter paid an early visit to many Virginia communities at the end of October with snow accumulation and cold temperatures! Were you surprised? Were you ready?

During winter months, there could be power outages, icy roads, closed schools and businesses, and health problems associated with wind, cold and snow. If you and your family aren’t ready for winter, then take a few simple steps now to prepare.

Start Thinking About Winter Weather Preparedness

From Fairfax County:

With snow close to Fairfax County this weekend, it’s a good reminder that winter weather is around the corner. The National Weather Service predicts that although Fairfax County should not see any accumulating snow this weekend, the extreme Western portions of Virginia and Northern Maryland will.

To get ready for winter, utilize these resources:

Flooding Fears In Huntington

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA) -- Homeowners in Huntington are still recovering from flooding earlier this month. Now they're bracing themselves for the possibility of more.

On Arlington Terrace residents have been warned to move their cars to higher ground and clean out their basements for possible flooding Friday night.

Many basements are pretty empty. A number of homeowners lost valuables, including water heaters and furnaces, when their basements filled with nearly 4-6 feet of water earlier this month.

182 homes were damaged when flood waters rose earlier this month.

Many residents expressed frustration at Fairfax County officials who told them there this is no money to build a flood wall that they say would keep their neighborhood dry.

Mosquito Onslaught Expected After Floods

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va.  (WUSA) -- Blame Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee for that bumper crop of mosquitoes you're starting to see and feel.  This late-season breeding has increased the risk of West Nile virus.

Fairfax Residents Asked To Submit Flooding Damage Reports

Fairfax Residents Asked To Submit Flooding Damage Reports

From Fairfax County Emergency Blog:

In order to qualify for federal disaster assistance, Fairfax County needs to prove that a certain percentage of its residents were impacted by an incident. Last week’s flooding impacted many homes and businesses – and the Office of Emergency Management needs to hear from you.

Contact the Office of Emergency Management by phone at 571-350-1000 or by email to report your damage.